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Cruise Club of America. (CCOA) is acting as intermediary and agent for the supplier (“cruise line”), identified on your CCOA invoice, in selling services or accepting reservations bookings for services that are not directly supplied by Cruise Club of America (such as air carriage, hotel accommodations, ground transportation, meals, tours, cruises, etc.). CCOA therefore shall not be responsible for breach of contract or any intentional or careless actions or omissions on the part of such suppliers which results in any loss, damage, delay, injury or death to you, your travel companions or group members. CCOA shall not be responsible for any injury, death, damage or loss caused to any traveler in connection with outbreak of hostilities between nations, terrorist activities, social or labor unrest, mechanical or construction difficulties, diseases, local laws, climatic conditions, abnormal conditions or developments or any other actions, omissions or conditions outside of CCOA’s control. Buyer assumes all risks involved with such travel, whether expected or unexpected. Traveler is hereby warned of such risks and advised to obtain appropriate insurance coverage against them.

 must be made in writing to Cruise Club of America at 38 Arboro Dr., Sharon, MA 02067. Cancellation penalties will apply as set forth by the individual cruise lines and may include contract, promotional, non-refundable or group cancellation penalties. Cruise Club of America transaction fees are not refundable! Be advised that CCOA has processed your credit card payment for your cruise through the cruise line. If for any reason you should cancel your cruise, your refund (less any applicable penalties) will be returned to you by the cruise line not Cruise Club of America This refund can take up to two credit card billing cycles from the cancellation date. On group bookings the refund may be issued up to sixty (60) days after the sailing date.

It is the responsibility of the traveler to reconfirm his/her cruise itinerary with CCOA at least twelve (12) weeks prior to the sailing date. CCOA is not responsible for any itinerary changes made subsequent to booking your cruise. When a client has not been given a cabin assignment and has booked on a TBA “to be assigned” or “Guarantee” basis, it is understood and agreed that CCOA can make no guarantee on exact cabin accommodations or location. Cabin accommodations and assignments under these conditions are at the sole discretion of the cruise line. CCOA reserves the right to upgrade passenger cabin assignments to higher cabin categories at “no additional charge” to customer without prior notice.

Passengers traveling with a physical disability that may require special needs, attention or treatment must submit all special requirements in writing to CCOA at the time of booking. It is the traveler’s responsibility to verify that CCOA has received the written request for special needs and/or requirements. The CCOA invoice will reflect all agreed-upon requirements. Requests not specified on the invoice are not guaranteed. Cruise lines reserve the right to refuse or revoke passage to anyone who is, in its sole judgment, in such physical or mental condition as to be unfit for travel or who may require care and attention beyond that which the ship can provide. Disabled passengers must be self-sufficient or travel with a passenger who will be responsible for any assistance needed during the cruise and in the event of emergency. Passengers confined to wheelchairs are advised that cabin doors are typically 22″ wide, bathroom doors are 20″ wide and there is a 3″ lip to the shower. Elevator service may or may not be available to all decks of the ship. Access to all public areas of ships is not guaranteed. CCOA is not responsible for any representations and/or omissions from the supplier that do not meet ADA regulations.

Notice To Passengers Traveling By Air Carrier – When air/common carrier are booked through the cruise line, the cruise line reserves the right to choose air carrier, routing and gateway city airport/terminal. The cruise line reserves the right to substitute charter carrier service without prior notice. Transportation tickets issued by the cruise line are highly restrictive. Fares used are based on “capacity controlled” criteria as well as contract, promotional, non-refundable or group fares. Therefore, you may find that your air carrier ticket cannot be reissued, revalidated or exchanged for another carrier or routing. Schedules cannot be changed once your tickets have been issued by the cruise line. Travelers booked in the same cabin or traveling with other passengers are not guaranteed to receive routing on the same flight or carrier schedules. It is the sole responsibility of the traveler to arrange his/her own seat assignments and to reconfirm his/her round-trip flight times forty-eight (48) hours prior to departure with the assigned carrier. CCOA accepts no responsibility for arranging seat assignments, flight schedule changes, missed connections or problems that may result in the traveler missing the cruise.

Air Deviation – At the written request of the traveler at least 90 days in advance of sailing, CCOA will request deviation of air carrier transportation provided by the cruise line. .Deviation requests are at the sole discretion of the cruise line. Any requested deviation shall be at the sole risk of the traveler and traveler will also be responsible for whatever the cruise line’s deviation fee is PLUS the difference in cost between the original cost of the airfare and the cost of the new tickets. If you know you want specific air schedules & carriers from the cruise line we recommend  that you request your deviations at the time of booking your cruise.

Passports or Proof of Citizenship – Any time you travel outside of the United States Cruise Club of America always recommends that you carry a valid passport, even to Canada and the Caribbean!  When traveling within North America and the Caribbean, U.S. and Canadian citizens are currently only required to provide an original or certified copy (with raised seal) birth certificate and a photo ID (e,g,, driver’s license). Voter’s registration and social security cards are not valid proof of citizenship. However, a passport is always preferable.  The reason we recommend passports for both the Caribbean & Canada is if for some reason you had to be taken off the ship due to illness or injury or maybe you just didn’t get back to the ship before it set sail, then you would not be allowed back into the United States without a passport! Not a good situation. Resident Aliens require a Resident Alien (Green) Card and a passport. Citizens of all other countries are required to provide a valid passport with a multiple U.S. re-entry endorsement. For cruises with any ports of call outside North America and the Caribbean, all passengers must present a valid passport and should consult their consulate (for their country of citizenship e.g., the U. S. Consulate for U. S. citizens) concerning additional documentation or travel requirements (like visas) for the countries you are visiting.

Payments – Most cruise lines accept major credit cards, therefore CCOA will accept credit card payments and forward them to the cruise line. Checks must be made payable to Cruise Club of America and be in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank. Payments made within 90 days of the sailing date must be made with a Cashier’s Check, Money Order, or direct wire transfer. No personal checks will be accepted for payments made within 90 days of the sailing date.

Discounts & Amenities – Cruise Club of America always tries to provide our clients with cruise discounts, special offers and amenities that add substantial value to your cruise booking. These are amenities that Cruise Club of America pays for out of our commission. The amount of the discount or the value of the amenities (i.e. onboard credits, pre-paid gratuities, beverage packages etc.) are based on the price of the cruise at the time of booking. Should the cruiseline choose to reduce the price of the cruise and we pass that on to you, Cruise Club of America reserves the right to reduce the value of the amenities offered proportionately.

Taxes – Government taxes may be levied or changed at any time. If new taxes are imposed or existing taxes increased after initial date of deposit, traveler will be responsible for payment of such taxes even if the cruise has been paid in full.

Fuel Surcharges – All cruise lines have fuel surcharge policies stating that they have the right to impose an additional charge should the price of oil surpass a given dollar amount per barrel. These surcharges may be imposed at any time the price of oil surpass the stated dollar amount, even if the cruise has been paid in full.