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How Do I Book A Cruise Online?

With our cruise search. We’re not joking or being facetious, we know we’re the best. Cruise Club of America is exceptional at what we do, which is pull multiple different specials from different cruise lines for a variety of locations, times and prices so that you can find a cruise that’s best for you at the cheapest prices available across the board. Using our comprehensive cruise search is the difference between creating your own hand-crafted perfect trip, or compromising on the perfect price and itinerary. We’re proud of the well-oiled engine we’ve created that brings people on trips that they never dreamt they could afford with all of the amenities included, but even we know that there are rules to follow to ensure you get the very best from our cruise search so that you can hone your travel dreams and opportunities intelligently. We’ll outline some tips to trigger the best cruise deals from our own cruise search engines and as general travel rules.

How Early Should I Book My Cruise?

If you’re looking for a beautiful seaside view or a balcony to peer out at the fathomless sea as the ship parts through the water like a swan, you’re going to want to start shopping early. The earlier you shop the more options you’ll have for a better cabin location. Most cruises are released around 18 months before they depart, so start by looking for cruises like that first. If you’re looking to save money instead and have no cabin preference, then you’re going to want to book closer to the date of sailing. This rule generally excludes high-demand sailings, like a destination’s high season or during school breaks, but generally, the cruise is simply trying to fill up the ship as they near the sail date. Either way you go, as long as you’re safely outside of the “middle of the road” booking period, you’ll get some perks because cruises are used to giving folks incentives whenever they can. The incentive to hold out for is the prepaid gratuities (it’s one of the most commonly waived fees) but it’s certainly one of the most expensive if it’s not paid for by the cruise line instead of you.

Where Should I Book My Cruise?

Through a cruise search engine. When cruises are having trouble filling in their cabins, or they’re worried a certain cruise will be unpopular because of when they’re sailing out, they’ll consign those cruise spots to The Cruise Club of America and let us push tickets at a better deal. You don’t have to use a travel agent or fall prey to whatever price the cruise line has posted that day. Instead, you can conduct your search, line and hook for your upcoming cruise all on one platform.

Do I Need to Pay For My Cruise All At Once?

You don’t need to pay for your cruise all at once. You will need to put down a cabin deposit depending on the cruise line you’re traveling with, and the length of the trip, usually a few hundred dollars. This could be more if you’re booking a suite or a luxury cabin. You’ll receive a due date for the final payment, usually 60-90 days prior to sailing. We recommend double-checking with us about the exact time period, but that’s generally a good way to budget for a cruise in increments.

Do I Need To Book Travel Insurance at the same time I book my cruise?

You do not need to book travel insurance at the same time as booking your cruise. Once you have your cruise booked, check on our web-page on travel insurance to get a quote.

How Do I Know The Price I See On a Cruise Search is a Good One?

The price of a cruise varies immensely depending on a variety of factors such as the itinerary, the time of the year, the ship’s age, the sort of course (whether it’s a luxury, mainstream or riverboat), the cabin category and how much time it is between when you’re looking for the tickets and when you’re looking to leave. To really get a great price, we recommend monitoring the cruise search on a regular basis. As in, look daily, and get a pulse for the times of month you’re looking to go and the general season and destination. This will help you get a pulse on how prices rise and fall during the week. When you see a really good price you’ll know it and you’ll be able to grab it right then.

Cruise Club of America is recognized as one of the most reputable travel agencies in America. If you love to travel and it’s a major part of your life, you want to find the best cruise deals that allow you to see some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Not only will we work around the clock to find you these deals and plan your trip, but you’ll have a lifelong partner who you can come back to, time-and-time again for professional advice on the luxury cruise ship industry.